Called to Be You

You are an individual, unlike any other – with your own special gifts. At Saint Joseph School, we will help you to appreciate your uniqueness, guiding and encouraging you to discover your gifts, and to make the very most of them.

Here, you will be challenged to become your best – as a student, as a person of faith, and as an individual. With the support of a remarkable faculty, you will rise to meet a higher standard, achieving more than you ever imagined.

Inspired to succeed, called to be more, at Saint Joseph School you will discover your own unique path. You will emerge as a confident scholar and able leader, ready to thrive not just in high school, but across every area of your life.

  • Successful Graduates Placed into Advanced High School Classes
  • Competitive Tuition Rates
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Affordable Morning & After School Care
  • Christian Family Values
  • Welcoming Students of All Faiths & Cultures
  • Promoting the 3Rs:  Religion, Respect & Responsibility
  • Experienced, Certified & Diverse Faculty including three Felician Sisters
  • Small Classes Sizes
  • Nutritional Lunches Prepared Daily on the Premises
  • On-Site Registered Nurse & Guidance Counselor
  • Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
“St. Joseph School has been a long time family tradition in our family, and my youngest will graduate this year in June. Things have certainly advanced since I was in school, but the commitment and dedication to the students remains. The academic curriculum is strong and challenging, with the opportunity for three languages, advanced math studies, science, technology, literature and grammar skills, to name only some of the studies. Students produce award winning Science projects, have literary works published and so much more. A hot, delicious and nutritious lunch is served daily from our own cafeteria, or students may choose to bring their own. The Sports program includes JV and Varsity Soccer, Intramural Basketball, JV and Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball teams, Eaglets Cheer squad and Varsity Cheer squad; all our sports teams have excellent, dedicated coaches who work hard to foster team building combined with athletic ability. But wait, there’s more… an outstanding children’s Choir, Band and a Drama Club that produces quality performances twice a year. Our pre-school is more than a daycare… children begin learning a multitude of skills at an early age. And of course, morning and after-care programs that provide a chance for social skills, homework time and just unwinding a bit after a busy school day. But most important, the children develop a bond with God and their faith, and truly build their Foundation for Life – Religion, Respect and Responsibility. We have enjoyed being a part of the SJS family and I am sure we will continue our involvement through volunteer efforts!”
Cindi Gardner
“We began our journey last year when we were looking for a prek. for our 5 year old daughter Molly. Molly attended home daycare which was her home for the first 5 years of her life. We knew we needed a place where she could grow and learn and start the next chapter in her life. We honestly didn’t know where to look but I got word about St Joseph’s pre k. We toured St Joseph school and quickly it began our instant family. Molly has excelled and grew so much here at St.J. In a few short weeks she will be graduating from Kindergarten. I feel like Molly is challenged and grew so much in the last two years. Molly loves her school and everyone has been awesome to her and us. We have had a great experience here at St Joseph school.When the teachers said she would be reading by the end of kindergarten they weren’t kidding. Molly was reading by November \December Of last year. She only gets better now. We were completely blown away. St Joseph’s School was an excellent choice.”
Kelly Hachigian
“My daughter has been at St. Joseph’s School for the last four years. I started her at SJS in PreK to see what would happen as she didn’t like her prior PreK situation and it was the best decision I have ever made. She has learned Religion, Respect & Responsibility and she not only shows these values in school but also at home. The teachers and administration are more than I could have asked for. The school offers so many different options for the children. My daughter has had three years of Polish, has participated in the Tennis Program, Children’s Choir and has been an Eaglet (Cheerleading for K-2nd) she can’t wait to keep embracing what the school has to offer as she gets older. We are beyond happy to be part of the SJS family and would recommend SJS to anyone looking for a amazing private school.”
Jill Liguz-Mello
“We have our daughter enrolled in St Joseph School. This was her first experience being away from the care of her own family and we were very careful on which school to choose. We are so glad that she and us chose St Joe’s. From our orientation day, when the Sisters took her for a walk, to the many days they comforted her through kindergarten, she is now getting ready to move on to second grade and has built self confidence, lifelong friends, and an amazing support system. From the moment you drop them off at the door, there is a loving person there greeting them at the car and Sister greeting them at the door. The love and care continues through the day until they run back into your arms at the end of the day. The commitment of the teachers, administrators, Priests, Sisters, coaches and volunteers is beyond anything we have ever experienced. My only negative comment is I wish they could school her through 12th grade! We have many choices for local schooling, including the free public schools, and I can’t imagine her going anywhere else.”
Michelle Senecal Smith