To encourage prayer and strengthen Catholic identity at home, St. Joseph School’s First Grade instructor, Ms. Samantha Sampaio, has her students take part in The Adventures of Prayer Bear! Each student takes Prayer Bear home for one week along with Prayer Bear’s backpack, some changes of clothes, markers, and an Adventure Binder! In this binder, students complete different writing prompts such as, “Who did you pray for this week? What prayers did you say? My Week with Prayer Bear: Today we…” During time with Prayer Bear, each student shares his/her daily life with him, and oh boy, has he been on some amazing adventures! Prayer Bear has been four-wheeling, baked desserts, assisted with homework, attended some very fun parties, helped with the recycling, voted at the local election, and snuggled with all his friends. Each student signs Prayer Bear’s shirt after his visit as a keepsake for our furry friend. When Prayer Bear returns to school, the student shares pictures and memories with the class that are also featured on the class Prayer Bear bulletin board. It was an exciting year for Prayer Bear and he’s looking forward to making new friends and many more exciting experiences this fall.