The Fund for Saint Joseph School and The Fair Share Program help to reduce the number of the fundraising efforts you’re asked to participate in each year.   In addition, it allows you the opportunity to determine the amount of giving that is “right” for your specific situation.

Annual Giving is the financial lifeblood of any school.  It helps to sustain programs and activities that are not covered by tuition.


Saint Joseph School needs and deserves your support.  Truly, an annual gift is a vote of confidence in Saint Joseph School.  The Fund for Saint Joseph School will provide critical unrestricted operating support for the school. Funds will be used for academic enrichment programs, technology, tuition assistance, utilities and building maintenance, and teacher salaries, as well as other needs.


Saint Joseph School is committed to ensuring that the cost of tuition remains affordable for every student in the area who desires a Catholic education.  Although increasing tuition would generate a certain level of revenue, we would have to assess each family in excess of $1300 per student to fully cover education costs.


All constituencies will be asked to consider an annual gift.  Parents, students, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, friends and parishioners can help support the mission of the school at a level they feel comfortable with. Per the 2016-2017 Tuition Agreement, parents are required to pay an opt-out fee or participate in “selling fundraisers.”  The opt-out fee is now considered your annual gift.  However, you may choose to give more than the designated minimum amount which is $150 for the 2016-2017 school year.


Giving Societies and Clubs will make up the foundation of The Fund.  Giving Societies and Clubs are a method or approach to secure a number of gifts at all levels. If The Fund for Saint Joseph School is to be successful, it must reflect the balance between leadership gifts and broad participation.  Gift societies provide an opportunity for all donors to be recognized and acknowledged at the level of their generosity to Saint Joseph School.

“The Saint John Paul II Society” is a formal organization of lead benefactors to the Annual Fund.  Membership in the society is open to all individuals, companies, and foundations who make a minimum gift of $1,000.


Each year, members of The Saint John Paul II Society will be invited to a private reception in recognition of their leadership generosity and be recognized in our Annual Report.  They will also receive a special pin that will allow entrance of up to four people to SJS-sponsored sporting events, the Christmas Pageant, and the spring Drama Club performance – where they will also receive preferential seating at all three events.  Members of The Society may also schedule installment payments with their credit card, providing a vehicle for donors to maximize their gift by scheduling their contribution in smaller, more convenient payments.


Matching gifts are gifts that an employer will give annually to an educational institution or other non-profit organizations as an employee benefit, by matching the gift made by an employee.  In the Annual Fund, we will give full credit to the donor for any gift they make as well as any match their employer makes.


Yes!  Monetary gifts to The Fund for Saint Joseph School are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law and may be made in the form of check or credit card.

For current families who are unable to give a monetary gift to the Annual Fund, we have created The Fair Share Program at Saint Joseph School.  The Fair Share Program allows parents the opportunity to participate in a variety of fund raising initiatives throughout the school year and will be managed by the Home and School Association.  Fair Share Program participants need to accumulate 250 Fair Share Dollars.  Fair Share Dollars are assigned based on the profit generated by the individual fundraisers.  Fundraisers will include our fall and spring “selling” fundraisers, as well as the on-going SCRIP program. (Please Note:  The buy-out option for the 2017-2018 school year is $250.  This will be evaluated and adjusted annually to address the actual cost to educate a student versus the cost of tuition.)