The purpose of the Home and School Association (HSA) is:

  • To foster an understanding of the mission, goals, and spirit of St. Joseph School.
  • To promote open communication and cooperation among parents, guardians, faculty, and school administration.
  • To direct and coordinate parental support for Saint Joseph School through educational activities, religious and social functions, as well as fund-raising projects.
  • To ensure the future of St. Joseph School through effectively spreading the word about the special identity of our Catholic school and the excellence of Catholic education. And, to respect the established diocesan and school policies, as well as the practices set forth by the pastor and school principal.

Membership in the Home and School Association (H.S.A.) consists of fathers, mothers, and guardians of students of St. Joseph School and members of the faculty.

The Home and School Association Board (H.S.A.) is comprised of members who have volunteered to serve in a consultative capacity to the school administration. A slate of volunteers shall be sought from the general membership of the H.S.A. for members whose terms have expired or are vacant for each grade level – PreK-grade 8. The Faculty Representative is appointed by the school administration for a two-year term. He/She serves as a liaison between the faculty and the H.S.A. Board, and reports H.S.A. Board business at faculty meetings.

2019-2020 Officers:

Chairperson: Jennifer Barbosa

Vice Chairperson: Audrey Lopez

Secretary: Diane Obrycki

Treasurer: OPEN

Information coming soon!

Information Coming Soon!