Saint Joseph School provides a Foundation for Life for all who choose to be formed within our school walls. It is our vision that Saint Joseph School will continue to become a place which develops and fosters happy, knowledgeable and high achieving students who make mature, responsible and informed decisions. Up to date curriculum based on the latest technological advances, high teaching morale and pride will continue to serve as the cornerstones of education at Saint Joseph School. Continuing to develop a positive community perception, enhanced by a sense of partnership and cooperation between school personnel, students, parents, community and alumni will continue to be a major focus of the administration of Saint Joseph School.  The religious philosophies promoted at Saint Joseph School include instilling a nourishing environment that includes curriculum which integrates faith, academics and Gospel values. Our intention is to promote and nurture a positive climate that encourages self-confidence, personal discipline and a strong sense of Catholic community. It is our hope that we will continue to mirror the values and positive attitudes of the town of Webster, especially the Saint Joseph community, and will be a model for decades to come and truly be a Foundation for Life!!

Registrations for all grades (Pre-K thru 8) are now being accepted.

Michael F Hackenson M.Ed.