The Library is an inviting center for learning.  The collection and program are consistently updated and evaluated in an attempt to keep pace with current trends in information retrieval and resource learning.  The Library offers an atmosphere where peaceful decorum and respect for individual rights are valued in an environment matching the Catholic ideals espoused by the school.

The Library strives to provide print and non-print resources encompassing a variety of viewpoints and a range of needs —research, special interest, general information, and pleasure.  The Library program seeks to assist the student to locate, identify, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and communicate information for research and problem-solving tasks and for lifelong learning.

The Library Annex houses a large collection of books for younger readers, a small computer lab for research and for the Accelerated Reading Program.  A book lending program offers new reading material weekly.

Teachers also have collections of grade-appropriate material in classroom libraries.

Several professional Book Fairs are sponsored during the school year for students, school families and guests.