On Saturday, December 1st, the St. Joseph School FIRST LEGO League Robotics Team known as the Metallic Meteorites competed at the Worcester Qualifier held at WPI. Qualifier events are the culmination of several months’ work and the chance for teams to shine!

This season’s theme was Into Orbit.  Teams were tasked with identifying a physical or social problem that could occur during extended space travel.  After selecting a problem, teams had to find out about the solutions that already exist; think of a new solution or a way to improve a current solution through research; meet with experts; and, share their results.  In addition, teams had to design, build, and program an autonomous robot capable of completing missions in a designated playing field.  Most importantly, teams were expected to demonstrate Gracious Professionalism and treat all people with respect and kindness.

St. Joseph School is proud to announce that the Metallic Meteorites were awarded the Judges Award for their research project.  In addition, due to their overall scores in robot performance, robot design judging, and core values judging, the Metallic Meteorites were invited to complete in the State Tournament at W.P.I. on December 15th.

Team members include:  Grade 5 – Paul Mankarios; Grade 6 – Dale Boudreau, William Colebourn, and Lauren Gingo; Grade 7 – Tessa McCabe, Noalani Perez, and Dominic Pigeon; Grade 8 – Patrick Mahlert, Remonda Mankarios, and Olivia Montione.  Alternate – Zane Ferri, Grade 6.

The team is sponsored by Leonard Montione and Nordic Shield and coached by Beth & Joey Boudreau and Mariusz Macko.

Congratulations and best wishes at the State Tournament.