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During the 2017-18 school year, parents should familiarize themselves with the following important items.  More detailed information can be found in the Parent-Student Handbook.  Please contact the school office with any questions.

Children spend the day in a safe environment – school doors are locked, children are supervised at all times, and visitors MUST sign in at the school office. It is the policy of the Diocese of Worcester that ALL employees and volunteers who work with or supervise children in any of the schools or parishes must complete a C.O.R.I. check, participate in a Safe Environment Workshop, and be familiar with the Diocesan Code of Ministerial Conduct. All Safe Environment requirements must be completed no later than September 15th for Fall activities and April 15th for Spring Activities. 

Contact our Safe Environment Coordinator

Ms. Karen Lefebvre
Ms. Karen LefebvreSeventh Grade Teacher
Children of working families may be dropped of at the school as early as 7:00am and should report immediately to the Morning Care room.  All children are expected to arrive by 8:00am. School begins at 8:10am.  Children in Pre-K – Grade 3 eat a mid-morning snack.  Lunch is served from 11:00am – noon, depending on your child’s grade.  Dismissal is at 2:15pm for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.  Pre-K students exit through the rear entrance of the school on Lincoln Street.  Kindergarten students exit through the side door into the main parking lot.  Students in Grades 1 – 8 are dismissed at 2:20pm and also exit through the side door into the main parking lot.  ALL children are released only to those persons listed by the parents.  If after-school care is needed, children have the opportunity to be supervised in our After School Program from 2:15-5:30pm.  All children must be picked up by 5:30 pm.
The arrival procedure is in effect from 7:30am to 8:00am daily.  Parents who drive children to school must drop-off students at the side door of the school.  Please enter through the Lincoln Street gate and proceed to the side entrance.  In the interest of students’ safety, all students must exit on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.  Parents/drivers may not leave their car.  Students should not leave the vehicle until the side entrance door is reached.  One member of the Morning Duty team will assist your child(ren) when he/she exits your vehicle.  All students including Pre-K will enter the building through the side entrance and report to the school cafeteria.

In the event of bad weather, school closings or delays will be announced on The St. Joseph School Facebook Page and website, radio stations WSRS (96.1 FM) and WTAG (580 AM), and local television channels. Information will also be available on the local access channels on TV.

  • Follow Webster Public School closings.

In the case of an early dismissal due to inclement weather:

  • We contact parents to inform them of the time, so be sure that your emergency card at school has current phone contact information.
  • Early dismissal information can also be heard on the above-mentioned radio and television stations as well at the St. Joseph School Facebook page and website.
  • DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL TO ASK ABOUT EARLY DISMISSAL – This ties up our school phone line which is needed for important contacts.

In the case of a delayed opening:

  • 1 hour delay- students should be dropped off at 8:40 a.m.
  • 2 hour delay-students should be dropped off at 9:40 a.m.
  • Please note that there is no morning care on days when a delayed opening is called for school.
The school has implemented an online parent portal call Headmaster.  It is utilized for electronic and mobile communion.  Upon registration, parents/guardians will receive a user name and a temporary password.

Log in to your Headmaster portal to monitor your child’s educational progress, homework assignments, pre-order lunch, view class schedule, view and pay your tuition/after-care/cafeteria fees, and more.

For the first time users – if you don’t know your log-in credentials, please contact the school’s Business Manager at emamro@sjs-webster.com.

For a Parent Reference Guide please click here

Headmaster Training Videos:  www.headmasteracademy.com/parentportal

Headmaster offers a free app where you can access all the above information on the go.

You can be download it here:

For Android Phones:


For Apple Phones:


Parents are responsible for making sure that students adhere to the proper dress code.

Parents will be called to bring a change of clothes if the student is not dressed appropriately.

Uniform clothing is purchased from J.B. Edward Uniforms:  65 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA  – phone: 508-792-2071


Uniform items can also be purchased from the school’s Uniform Exchange for a nominal fee.


To minimize loss, all items must be clearly marked with the student’s name.

All students should have hair that is neat and clean with bangs above the eyebrows. Boys’ hair should be above and not touch the shirt collar and trimmed around the ears. Extreme hair coloring (not the student’s natural color) and bleaching are not permitted.

  • No beads or scarves should be worn in the hair. Girls may wear simple barrettes, the uniform plaid headband or scrunchie, or plain tan, burgundy, gray or white headbands.
  • No cosmetics, lip gloss, colored Chapstick, nail polish, or artificial nails may be worn.
  • No visible tattoos of any kind;
  • No Hologram contact lenses;
  • No body piercing except pierced ears. Girls may wear one pair of earrings not larger than a dime and without hoops. BOYS MAY NOT WEAR EARRINGS OF ANY TYPE.
  • Jewelry should be limited to one watch, one ring, one bracelet and simple crosses or holy medals on a narrow silver or gold chain.

The uniform should be clean and pressed with all buttons attached and hems intact. Shirttails are to be tucked in while a student is at school. Belts must be worn by students in grades 2-8 when wearing uniform pants or shorts. Belts may be brown or black. Students may only wear plain white t- shirts under their blouses or shirts. STONE COLOR PANTS, SHORTS, SKIRTS, AND SKORTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AND UNIFORM VIOLATION WARNING NOTICES WILL BE ISSUED.

Uniform shirts and blouses can be either short-sleeve or long-sleeve. Uniform shirts, blouses, and polo shirts are to be tucked in at all times. Sneakers are worn only on gym days. Cargo pants/shorts, non-uniform sweatshirts, snow boots or fashion boots are not to be worn in the classroom.

Uniform Shoes

All students: Uniform shoes should be solid color dress shoes (black or dark brown). Oxfords, loafers, and Mary Jane styles are acceptable. NO ballet flats, sandals, open-back shoes, any type of shoe that resembles a tennis shoe, boots, “Uggs”, hi-top shoes, sneakers, or shoes with a heel over 1 ½ inches (measured from the back exterior of the shoe) are permitted.

Formal Uniform

The Formal Uniform is worn for designated church services, and special events. Students will be notified when to wear their formanl uniform.If a student is not in formal uniform on these days, a Dress Code Violation notice will be issued and parents will be called to bring the appropriate uniform to school.

Boys’ Grades K-8: white shirt, khaki pants and a belt, wine tie, uniform dress shoes

Girls’ Grades K-4: white blouse, jumper, wine tie, uniform dress shoes

Girls’ Grades 5-8: white blouse, plaid skirt, weskit or sweater, wine tie, uniform dress shoes

Gym Uniform

The Gym Uniform is always worn by ALL students for gym class, field trips, and special events at the discretion of the principal. The school gym uniform consists of gray t-shirt, wine gym shorts, wine sweatshirt and wine sweatpants. All items must be imprinted with the school logo. Any sneaker can be worn.  The gym uniform is worn to First Friday Mass, unless the students are notified of a change.

Pre-K Uniform

The Gym Uniform is always worn by ALL Pre-K students. The school gym uniform consists of gray t-shirt, wine gym shorts, wine sweatshirt and wine sweatpants. All items must be imprinted with the school logo. Any sneaker can be worn.

Warm Weather Uniforms

Warm weather uniforms may be worn from the first day of school through October 31st and from April 1st through the last day of school. DURING WARM WEATHER, sweaters, jackets, and/or fleece are not worn in the classroom; students will be asked to remove them.

See list of acceptable warm weather clothing below:

Cold Weather Uniforms

Cold weather uniformas are to be worn from NOVEMBER 1ST TO MARCH 31ST


See list of acceptable cold weather clothing below:

Warning notices will be issued for uniform or dress code violations. 3 Warning Notices = 1 hour Detention

2017-2018 Parent & Student Handbook

St. Joseph School reserves the right to amend/revise this handbook at any time for just cause.

Parents will be notified when changes/revisions are made.