Among the many schools of our country, Catholic schools are the beacon of light, values and stability to our society. Although every Catholic school follows the same doctrine, nevertheless, each one articulates its mission statement differently. Saint Joseph School is an educational institution that challenges the intellectual development and academic achievement of a student, and at the same time places equal importance on the development of sound character, sense of self-worth, democratic values, ethical judgment and self-discipline. The continuous and close interaction of the school with the parish Church, participation of the children in liturgical services, sacramental programs, devotions and processions, Student Choir, Altar Service, Children of Mary, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, classroom Prayer Services and Marian devotions help the children acquire good habits that will shape their mentality for years to come.

For over 100 years, generations of parishioners have entrusted their children to receive a quality education at Saint Joseph School and become successful leaders in various walks of life. Under the guidance of the Felician Sisters, clergy, lay teachers and staff, children are exposed to an advanced academic program with a spiritual base. The formation of the heart, character and mind is being emphasized by the “Three R’s” theme – Religion, Respect and Responsibility.