Saint Joseph students understand and appreciate their role in the learning process, as they actively and creatively participate in the classroom and beyond.

Each teacher is required to be certified in designated courses for the teaching of Religion. Religion is taught as a subject and as a way of life. The school does not discriminate by creed. Non- Catholic students study Religion as a subject and take a passive part in religious activities.

Reading is a main course of study. The school uses an integrated reading program which includes components for both challenge and for intervention. A Reading Specialist is also available for any child that may need additional assistance.

All grades incorporate Mathematics as a major component of the curriculum. The learning in the lower grades is enhanced by using visual aids and manipulatives, charts, kits, games and learning devices which enrich the Math lesson. The Junior High is set up in two levels to accommodate the capabilities of our students. We offer General Math and Advanced Math. In the Advanced Program, students are able to complete Algebra I before they graduate. The Advanced Math Program is supplemented with instruction by Prof. William Steglitz of Nichols College.  Weekly tutoring is available to provide one on one assistance as needed. A weekly Math Club provides challenge for mathletes who are ready to advance and compete. Students take part in regional and national Mathematics Competitions and are recognized with certificates of achievements.

Language Arts
Effective communication skills are the key to success in education and in any career we pursue as adults. The Language Arts program at Saint Joseph School prepares students to be confident, effective communicators in both oral and written language. It establishes a strong foundation in speaking, writing, listening, and grammar skills. To reinforce their skills, students in Grades Six, Seven, and Eight participate in the Diocesan Declamation Contest In addition, the writing curriculum incorporates computer technology through the use of presentation software for concept mapping and outlines for pre-writing. Microsoft Word is used for document editing and publication. Students participate in numerous oral speaking, essay, short story, and poetry contests throughout the year. The Polish Women’s Club also sponsors an Annual Spelling Bee.

Science, which is the doorway to success in the outside world, is an exciting adventure at Saint Joseph School. A lab was created and furnished with microscopes and micro-projectors, specimen slides, and other tools to support laboratory experiments and physical science programs – to give children the opportunity to take part in hands- on experiments. The students participate in a school and Diocesan Science Fair every other year. Guest presenters are also invited to the school to offer classes on interesting topics.

Social Studies
As the student matures, his/her awareness of the world broadens. The curriculum for Social Studies addresses the level of awareness of each grade, broadening horizons to include continents and the world family. Multicultural awareness, respect for differences, tolerance and peace building are woven into the curriculum. Career Day and the National Geography Bee are special activities the students enjoy. Field Trips are chosen which expand the knowledge and appreciation of geographic areas or historical events.

Foreign Languages
As educators, we believe that the acquisition of a second language is an important part of the education of our students. The ability to communicate in more than one language contributes to the total enrichment and growth of the individual.  Students in Grades Five through Eight must study Spanish.  No one has to look very far to find valid reasons why one should study Spanish! There are over 35 million Spanish speakers in the United States. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries. In addition, Spanish is an official language of many international organizations including the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. The ability to speak Spanish is important in many professions and is likely to become a necessity in some fields in the not too distant future.

Technology Program
Our two computer labs are equipped with state-of-the art equipment. Through the access to digital projectors and internet, teachers have the ability to expand the educational resources.  Our students also utilize Chromebooks and iPads.

Physical Education
A full Physical Education program is provided by a qualified instructor. Equipment is on hand to enhance the program. Gym activities are held indoors and outdoors. Exercise, game rules, body building, fun and sportsmanship are emphasized in the Physical Education program. The school utilizes the local public field for outside gym games and exercises.

Music & Performing Arts
Saint Joseph School students are offered special experiences involving music. Our students meet weekly with our music instructor.  During this time, they receive vocal instruction as well as lessons in music theory.  The Student Choir meets once a week for practice with the parish Choirmaster. Students sing at Family Masses, First Friday and Holy Day Masses, and perform on special occasions. They also visit nursing homes and assisted-living facilities to bring cheer to residents with their song.  Students in Grades 4-8 may take advantage of Instrumental Music and Band Lessons offered during the school day, for an additional fee. A Band Concert is performed locally and regionally with other school bands several times a year.  During Winter and Spring school programs, students learn to express themselves by stage performances with our Drama Club.