On Wednesday, April 10th St. Joseph School held their 2019 Science Fair. The following students were awarded for their outstanding projects.

Grade 5:  First Place – Adam Podgorny: Ready, Set, Grow!; Second Place – Treyton Dery: How Low to Mow; Third Place – Andrew Bergeron: Which Liquid Can Rot an Apple Quicker?; Honorable Mention – Gloria Bromberg: What Works Best as a Cleaner for Make-up?; Honorable Mention – Sebastian Ketnouvong-Ung: How Far Can a Car Go in a Wind Tunnel?; Honorable Mention – Paul Mankarios: Which Laundry Detergent Works Best?; Honorable Mention – Hannah Watson: Does Sugar Affect Gum and Elasticity?

Grade 6:  First Place – Justin Dooner: Can You Make a Liquid More Viscous? Second Place – Isabelle Rodrigues: Can Sound Make Things Fly?; Third Place – Dale Boudreau: What Effect Does PSI Have on a Soccer Ball?; Honorable Mention – Grace Pomfret: Which Glue is the Strongest?

Grade 7:  First Place – Katrina Piekielniak: The Brains Behind Where’s Waldo; Second Place – Jack Dooner: How Water Affects Water Surface Tension; Third Place – Sophia Buffone: How Many Volts Does it Take to Power a Light Bulb?; Honorable Mention – Jillian Edwards: Are You Bready for Some Mold?; Honorable Mention – Jordan Kippax: The Effects of Magnetism on Plant Growth; Honorable Mention – Adrian Sobczak: How Acids Affect the Rate of Corrosion.

Grade 8: First Place – Remonda Mankarios: Methane Gas; Second Place – Nicholas Fennelly: Which Color of Light Shines Best Through Fog?; Third Place – Benjamin Duquette: Which Ball Goes Further?; Honorable Mention – Caroline Villa: Commercial Whitening Strips vs. Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda.